News update: Election and Legal Framework


News update: Election and Legal Framework

Unitary Council Election May 2022

Elections will take place in May 2022. 110 councillors will be elected to the County Council and will take responsibility for all current County Council services and local government reorganisation.

In April 2023 the new Somerset Council assumes responsibility for all local government functions for Somerset, including those of the current district councils, and the transition

 Legal framework

 Under the proposal, the new Somerset Council is intended to take over the county-wide functions and powers that already exists for Somerset County Council (SCC). Legally, this is described as SCC being the ‘continuing authority’ – but in practice, Somerset Council will be a new organisation in both name and operation.

This legal measure gives us an efficient way to bring contracts together and harmonise property ownership, VAT registration, separate accounts and auditing towards the establishment of the new Somerset Council.

News item added: 2 December, 2021