New Somerset Council ‘opens for business’ in 12 months


New Somerset Council ‘opens for business’ in 12 months

One year from now, on 1 April 2023, a single council for Somerset will be open for business.

This brand new council will replace Somerset County Council and the four District Councils (Mendip, Sedgemoor, Somerset West & Taunton, and South Somerset).

It will build on the strengths of all five organisations, and give them the scale to have a bigger impact on the issues that most affect people’s lives.

The advantages of a single Somerset Council include:

  • A single council contact point – from April 2023 a single phone number and a single website for the whole of Somerset will be in place, making things simpler for residents, communities and businesses. It will help end confusion and avoid duplication.
  • Investment in services – a new Somerset Council will free-up an estimated £18.5 million of revenue every year to invest in local communities, prevention, and service improvements, to ensure long term financial sustainability.
  • Stronger voice – Somerset will be better able to compete for funding and new jobs, to stand-up for business, support infrastructure and encourage growth in our county’s economy.
  • Serving our communities – Local people will have real power to influence decisions about their area, as 15-20 Local Community Networks (LCNs) will be established in every part of the county. They’ll decide what’s most important for their locality and work together to agree how best to achieve it.

While the city, town and parish councils will continue to carry out their crucial functions locally, the vision for unitary in Somerset is ‘no wrong front door’. You make one phone call, and you’re put in the right place.

We have a dedicated inbox to ensure enquires about the new council and the unitary programme are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Email

News item added: 1 April, 2022