Leaflet explains why this election is so important


Leaflet explains why this election is so important

Crucial local elections for Somerset are taking place on 5 May for a new, unitary council. This represents the first major change to the way the county is governed in almost 50 years.

For their first year, the councillors will take responsibility for all current County Council services and oversee the local government reorganisation to establish a single unitary council on 1 April 2023.

District councils will remain until 31 March 2023 and the councillors serving on them will continue in their roles until that date.

From 1 April 2023, the 110 councillors of the unitary council will be responsible for services that are currently delivered by the county and four district councils, ranging from adults and children’s social care to highways and housing, and from libraries to planning and licensing.

A leaflet explaining the changes and the importance of the election has been issued by Somerset County Council and is being sent to all households across the county. It is available here

News item added: 16 March, 2022